Sunday, 14 August 2011

La Ferme - Marie Antoinette's Model Farm

Lillian :  Idyllic Pastoral.  Marie Antoinette's Model Farm is very pretty.
Audrey :  With lots of cute animals ...

a bunny cushion ...

lovely donkeys waiting for their dinner ...
a mixed herd of different sheep & goats ...

Lillian : Our stylist was very interested in all the different fleeces, she does hand-spinning sometimes.

Audrey :  Oh yes, she wanted to give this greedy goat a good hair cut!

Lillian :  That is an Angora Goat - but you make Mohair yarn from his fleece. 

Audrey :  That is too confusing - and the goat has horns!

Just like that great big bull we had to pose with ...

Audrey :  That was SO fwightening!!!                               Lillian :   Yes, I was very glad of the fence. 

Audrey : This baby goat was cute but quite naughty! 

"Billy the Kid" I called him - he was fwisking about and butting the other animals and annoying them - lots of fun! 

Lillian : Some roosters by the well ... 

the farm buildings are very picturesque ...

Lillian :  And if you look closely, you can see plants growing in the thatch of the roofs - mostly irises.

Audrey :  How pwetty to have flowers growing on your roof!

Lillian :  And very appropriate because the Fleur-de Lis - so associated with the French monarchy - is a stylised iris flower.

Audrey :  I do like this picture of us at the farm gate.

Lillian :  We were quite sad to leave Marie Antoinette's Hamlet and the farm - we'll leave this post with one last photo of Le Hameau.

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