Friday, 2 September 2011

More Fountains at the Palace of Versailles

Lillian :  It was spring when we were in France - and it is spring again at home in Australia so let's start this post with a photo of the Fountain of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens and spring.

Audrey :  There is a fountain for each of the four seasons - they are in the middle of the groves - at the crossroads.


Lillian :  This is the Summer fountain - Ceres, the goddess of harvests.

Lillian :   And for Autumn - the Bacchus Fountain
 Audrey :  Those babies have goats' legs!
Lillian :   Hmmm, they are little satyrs.

Lillian :  Then the Saturn Fountain for winter -

Audrey :  They have a nice shell collection - Oh! the baby on the left has some little bellows, he has been helping to get a nice fire going perhaps?

Lillian :  This is The Dauphin's Grove. 
Audrey :  What's a Dauphin - it's not a dolphin is it?
Lillian : No dear - the Dauphin was the heir to the throne.
Audrey :  Oh, so the English have a Prince of Whales and the French had a not-quite dolphin ... all very marine.  Though actually, that was the Fountain of the Thirsty Cat ...
Lillian :  I guess there are quite a lot of wild kitties living in the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles.  
A lot of the groves are being renovated - including this one but we managed to get a good look through the gate.  It is called The Green Ring or Children's Island and was sculpted in1710.
Audrey :  It'll be so lovely when these little ones can play in the water again - the sign said that their pool was "leaking considerably".

Lillian :  We're going to jump about a bit in this post - from one end of the palace grounds to the other.
Audrey :   Oooo very glad we didn't actually do that - those gardens are SO immense! 
 Lillian :  800 ha ... yes, immense!   But back to the fountains and near to the palace, and that is the top of the Pyramid Fountain behind this - The Ornamental Lake of the Nymphs.

Audrey :  Are you pwetending to be a nymph Lillian?

Lillian :  We visited the Apollo Fountain on both days we were at the Palace - it is such a lovely thing.


Audrey : Sigh - he is quite lovely.

Lillian :  Then behind the Grand Trianon - there are even more lovely fountains -

Audrey :  Very pretty ladies - waiting for more water so they can get their toes wet.

Lillian : And this lovely big fountain, it is in need of some restoration but is quite gorgeous.  The Buffet d'eau or Cascade  built in 1703 from lots of coloured marble. 

Audrey :  Let's play "Find the Dolls"


Audrey :   tee hee there we are - and here are some of the details of that fountain.  Babies getting some Lobsters for their lunch ...
Lillian :  The top section with people ...
Audrey :  and Lions!!  I didn't know there were lions!

Lillian : It was alright Audrey - I was keeping an eye on them.

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