Saturday, 3 December 2011

Avallon - Le Vallee du Cousin

Lillian :  Avallon - the old walled town, sits atop a granite hill and most of the photos we've shown you so far were of that part of Avallon.

Audrey :  In the valley below runs the River Cousin - very pwetty, with ducks and fish in it and sweet little bwidges over it.

Audrey : The French don't pwonounce 'Cousin' like the relative - start like a dove's 'Coo' then 'son' to rhyme with The Crystals 'Da doo Ron Ron' and you've got it - almost.

Lillian :  Our people had explored the Vallee du Cousin a little on their previous visit - in December 2007.  The river was not quite so gentle and calm then. 

Audrey :  What a skinny bridge!

Lillian :  Our people say it was either a foot-bridge or aqueduct, and that it was behind a large disused mill.  There are lots of old mills and such along the Cousin.

Audrey : We found this disused building which was once a tannery.

And there was an overgrown picnic spot with this deer - set somewhat strangely half-way up the rock cliff.

It was quite a hot day when we went for that long walk down to the valley ... and then back up the hill! 
Lillian :  On the slopes there are some lovely homes
and the famous garden plots where the locals grow fabulous fruit and vegies.  This lovely photo is also from our people's previous visit.

 Audrey : What a sweet old wheelbarrow - but we saw some donkeys!    I love donkeys, don't you?  

Lillian : Yes, there are the donkeys again, with the old hill-top part of Avallon in the background - the spire is St Lazare.

And now looking the other way - from the top, down across the valley.

Audrey :  To an Australian that landscape looks so green and lush.   Many of the locals are keen gardeners - I think I understand why.  Remember those fruit trees we saw - pruned to an ideal shape for very small people - or Blythe dolls - they were only a few feet tall!! 

 Lillian :  And the gorgeous peony flowers ...  

A rich red bloom amongst Lily of the Valley - parfait!

Audrey : I think I understand why our people would like to live in Avallon - a pretty and historic town, climate and soil perfect for growing almost anything and fantastic food.   What could be better after a warm spring day spent exploring; than a meal of goat's cheese, wonderful fresh bread, a local Chablis, mineral water and for desert ... an apple pie or

A Fantastic Meringue !!!


  1. I had not seen your last entry yet! more lovely pictures! hummmm the merringue looks yummy

  2. thank you - and yes the meringue was yummy :-)