Friday, 20 January 2012

Vézelay - the Town - Part 1

Lillian :  Vézelay is such a pretty and picturesque little town.
Audrey :  Well, after visiting the Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine our people needed lunch.  They ate under this

at a hotel & restaurant appropriately called Les Glycines.

The scent is heavenly!

Wisteria is not the only purple/mauve flower - Lillian found some lovely irises too

 Lillian : Purple is my favourite colour.
Audrey :  We would never have guessed!  But enough with the pwetty spring flowers - let's see some of the buildings & street-scapes.
A lane with a leaning wall & a new 
copper down-pipe

It is Hilly!

Lillian : Vézelay is really hilly and some buildings are quite wonderfully higgledy piggledy -
We think this is probably the Town Hall

Audrey : Some of the roof-lines are a little bit .. umm .. eccentric!

Lillian :  Ceramic shingles & built in ventilation.

Audrey :  We found a huge door - I think a giant must live here.

Lillian :  It was probably made large so that a carriage could go through.

Audrey : We waited a while, but we saw no carriages or giants.

Come on people, hurry up!

Audrey : This cute little house was wedged into a corner.  We thought it would make a perfect home for a Nursery Rhyme Character or for some Blythe Dolls.

But no-one was home that afternoon.

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