Thursday, 21 July 2011

Versailles - More from the Palace Gardens

Audrey : More topiary!
Lillian : We had fun exploring the Southern Parterre gardens.
Lillian : But it was during the week when we visited, so the fountains were mostly turned off -
Audrey : Not squirting water all over the place?
Lillian : Ahem, but it's ok, because you get to see the statuary better.

Audrey : That one was very big and near to the palace and it was all fwogs and things.   
Lillian : It is The Latona FountainBased on a tale in Ovid’s Metamorphoses about Apollo’s mother Leto.  She wanted to drink the water from a pond in Lycia but the people there didn't like her and stirred up the mud at the bottom of the pond.  Leto called on Jupiter to do something and he turned those people into frogs and lizards.

Audrey : That's not very nice is it! 
Lillian : I guess not but it did give the fountain designers a great excuse to use water creatures - and make Lizard & Frog people ...
Audrey : They were rather fun.
Lillian : There are also some further ornamental ponds with the Latona story in the parterre beyond the big fountain; we didn't get to see them but our people did on a previous visit. 

Audrey : That was in the winter-time wasn't it?
Lillian : Yes, our people say it was very cold and the marble statues were all wrapped up in canvas - you can see some here behind the people turning into frogs.
Audrey : A little like a work by Christo !
Lillian : The weather was lovely when we were there and here are some of the statues along the main walks.

Audrey : She has just had a bath and is checking that she remembered her deodorant!

... I like this lady's outfit - quite swash-buckling!

Audrey : Here are some very nice gentlemen - one has done the shopping while the other has been minding the baby - though he should put some clothes on !

Audrey :  Ewwww!  Goodness Gwacious!  What is happening here!

Lillian :  I think that is Cleopatra - she was bitten by a snake.

Audrey :  Well she should have put some clothes on too!

Lillian : Of course the most famous fountain at Versailles is The Apollo Fountain

 Audrey :  So beautiful - and Apollo is quite good looking too!
Lillian :  It is all gilded lead and was made between 1668 & 1670.

Audrey :  Ooo! he is quite old then.

Lillian : Here is a photo our people took on that other holiday in winter - doesn't it all look so different?

Audrey : That's the Gwand Canal behind isn't it?
Lillian : Yes, the Grand Canal - it is 1,670 metres long and very straight -
Audrey : There are quite a lot of straight lines in the palace gardens ...
Lillian : Yes, I was told that the gardeners use laser beams to help them keep straight when they prune all the trees.  That is the double row of elm trees (I think they are elms) alongside The Royal Walk.

Audrey : Those trees didn't have all their leaves on yet - don't they look lovely?

Lillian : Those avenues of trees go off to the left & right of the lake at the top of the Grand Canal.  

Here we are at that lake, it was very busy with people getting into row-boats and lots of ducks ...
Audrey : We can see your hair in all those little plaits Lillian.  Our stylist took a picture of this lady on wall of the main Palace because she has wonderful plaits too.

Lillian : In our next post I think we'll show the people our photos of Marie Antoinette's Estate.

Audrey : Oh yes, that was all so pwetty ... I think she built it for Blythe dolls ...

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