Sunday, 17 July 2011

Versailles - The Palace Gardens

Lillian :  Well the palace was magnificent but what we really wanted to see was the grounds - the wonderful gardens, the fountains, lakes ... 

Audrey : And it was Spring - the weather was pewfect and all the flowers - just amazing!

Lillian : I think that lovely garden near the palace is called the South or Flower Parterre.  We spent 2 whole days exploring the grounds and the Trianons 

Audrey : And Marie Antoinette's Hamlet -
Lillian : Yes, our people got rather sore feet and we have lots and lots of photos to show everyone. Here we are on the balustrade overlooking the Orangerie and the "Swiss Lake" - the train line from Paris to Versailles is just behind the row of hedges beyond the end of the lake.


Audrey : I was being very bwave - you didn't want to stand up on the wall Lillian. 

Lillian : I don't have a good head for heights.
Audrey : Were you still feeling a little queasy when we went to look at all the flowers?
Lillian : Just a little bit.  But all those wonderful bright coloured tulips and daffodils had me feeling better in no time.

Audrey : You look very nice in amongst all the flowers - our stylist had put your hair in little plaits, like Bo Derek in "Ten".
Lillian : Yes, I think the water in France is very different, something to do with the limestone?  Anyway, my hair was going all out-of-control and messy, the plaits were quite a good idea.  Do you remember all the urns?

Audrey : Oh yes, there were lots and lots and these funny little babies with wings and goat legs ...

Audrey :  And then we found the space ships ...
Lillian : Yes, there was lots of amazing topiary - it must be a lot of work looking after all the gardens at Le Chateau de Versailles.

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