Friday, 4 May 2012

Le Musée de l’École de Nancy - the gardens part 2

Lillian :  The grounds of the Musée de l’École de Nancy has a wonderful garden full of lovely flowers - and there are some wonderful Art Nouveau things too ...

This is the wing of the museum -

Audrey  :  All that lovely lattice work and the motifs ...

At the bottom of the gardens there was a Tardis - surely the most beautiful Tardis ever!

Lillian (aside) :  I haven't told Audrey but it isn't a Tardis - in fact it was a Funerary Monument.  A collaborative work by J-M Girard, Pierre Roche, Henri Carot (prob. the glass) and Alexandre Bigot.

Lillian :  There is a big lily pond and the circular pavilion-aquarium.  It dates from 1904 and is attributed to the architect Lucien Weissenburger.

Lillian  :  The wonderfully shaped windows and the door all have fabulous stained glass by Jacques Gruber.  See previous posts for more of his wonderful glass windows.

Here is the door from the outside -

 We could not go inside but our photographer managed to take some photos through the pavilion - from one window to some of the others.

You can see reflections of the trees and people sitting in the gardens to enjoy the sun-shine ... but you can also see the wonderful glass-work.  

Here is that door - it is stained glass & there are fish!

In detail - doesn't it look like an aquarium with real fish swimming about?

Lillian :  The fan-light above the door is stained and lead-light glass work - with flowers and a bird - here in detail through the reflections of the trees.

And a fan-light over one of the windows - some lovely water-lilies (nénuphar in French) and a frog (grenouille).

Audrey :  I wonder where Dr Who has gone ...

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