Friday, 3 June 2011

Brussels - where you eat Mussels

Brussels is a great place for food ...
Lillian : Our people were very fond of those great big pots of mussels (or moules) served with frites - 
Audrey : That means chips.  But humans need to eat ALL the time - not like us dollies ...
Lillian : And I really should not have eaten all that waffle -
Audrey : It was a very big waffle Lillian and you did have a tummy ache that evening.

Lillian : Well, Belgium is famous for all the different types of beer they make there - including Kriek
Audrey : That's the wed, cherry beer

Lillian : Yes, it is a pretty red colour - tastes quite nice too!
Audrey : I liked all the wonderful chocolates.  Was funny that our photographer was knitting a sock from very chocolate coloured wool ...

Lillian :  Were we ate the waffle was just behind the Grote Markt - quite a "touristy" area but do you remember this Audrey?
Audrey : Oh yes! those were funny looking kangawoos but we didn't test that "Australian Home Made Ice Cweam" for authenticity.
Lillian : To be authentic it would have to be made with either evaporated or condensed milk and then frozen in old metal ice-cube trays ...

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