Monday, 6 June 2011

No PhotoShop for Jet Setting Blythes

Audrey : Some humans think we've been manipulated Lillian!
Lillian : No dear, it's the photos - you can manipulate photos digitally and people are thinking that the photos of us are not real and that we weren't really there ...
Audrey : Oh! Not Twue!  We were there, we are Jet Setting, Twavelling Blythes.  We have passports and everything!

Lillian : You know, mostly the humans didn't notice us dollies getting our photos taken.  Though sometimes we made people laugh and some people, especially the little ones, wanted to play with us.
Audrey : Yes, we met nice little people - here's our stylist introducing us to some humans we met in the Grote Markt, they were lovely.

Lillian : Yes, though I think the little one was a bit surprised when your eyes changed colour Audrey!


  1. omg i LOVE the passports! Did you get any stamps??? :)

  2. Tee Hee ... I still haven't done that bit of ummm forgery (shhhh!) will have to do the red stamp with a little airplane and CDG on it :-)