Tuesday, 14 June 2011

From Brussels to Versailles

Lillian : Our Tour Manager arranged some very nice hotels for us and we were sad to leave the lovely big corner room at The Hotel Rembrandt
Audrey : We had a nice balcony

Lillian :  With a view down the street ...

Audrey : There was lots of lovely old furniture and things - remember the treasure box on the mantel-piece?  

Lillian : Yes, but it was empty.
Audrey : Pewfect place for hiding chocolates.

Lillian : Well we said good bye and caught the train at the Gare du Midi ... and here is a train photo taken as we were pulling out of the station.

Audrey : A photo for all the twain enthusiasts.  The twain was weally fast - I liked the colours of the upholstery - nice reds and purple and pink.

Lillian : It was a Thalys train - we liked watching the country-side flying past ...
Audrey : Sometimes, when the trees are close, they go by so fast it makes you feel all giddy.  But was that still Belgium or were we in Fwance already?
Lillian : Belgium still I think.  We changed trains in Paris and arrived in Versailles in time for our people to have a late lunch.

Audrey : We stayed at a converted old inn ... you could see it had a courtyard with rooms over the stables all around.  And the Wisteria was in bloom - in Fwance it is called La Glycine.

Lillian : We were staying at Hotel du Cheval Rouge...
Audrey : But there wasn't a red horse!
Lillian : No, but it was in a great location just behind the markets ... Marche Notre Dame ... fabulous fresh food

Audrey : Our stylist had to go shopping for new boots - and she found some PINK ONES :-)

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